National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 4 Lethbridge to Medicine Hat

Talk about a hot one!  Started today with breakfast sponsored by Mcdonald’s and then morning dedication.  We were able to hear the story of one of our volunteers  volunteers Deb who told us of Cassie.  Cassie was 13 when she earned her wings, but wanted to still do so many things.  She wanted her belly button pierced, wanted to go to high school (even if only for one day), wanted to drive, and she was given all those as well as star named after her.  Today we rode carrying a star for Cassie and with that headed on our journey.


42 km in to our first break and we were met by a wonderful group of children and they setup snacks and drinks for us.  From there we were back on the road to have Corrie and David Dale’s family and friends cheer us along the way with homemade signs and decorated cars through to our lunch stop.  Wow – they totally out did themselves  at Grassy Lake Community Hall.  They had a beautiful venue and did up sign for when we rode in.


Then the heat showed up and battered at us the rest of the way.  I stayed on for another 30 km and then tapped out only to find the cooling station only 3 mins down the road.  After stuffing ice EVERYWHERE possible we were back on the road to the stop at the Sausage Factory where we were treated with a BBQ, ice cream, and 2 cheque presentations….. One from a bake sale at local school for $310 and from a community effort for $2000!!!!


We continued on from there to our final destination for today Medicine Hat where we were treated to a fantastic meal donated by more friends and co-workers of David and Corrie Dale.  The food was amazing, the service was quick and we are all full and on our way to Swift Current for the tart of Day 5.  Love all of you for your support and encouragement…I wouldn’t have finished the day without the rest of the team!

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