Day 4: Edmonton to Lloydminster

Day 4: Edmonton to Lloydminster

Riding out of Edmonton to the east. Apparently it’s flat (no it’s not – we did nearly 800 m climbing in the day), and we were aiming for 260 km, although we would need to schlep out to Saskatoon due to the huge, big day tomorrow. So we actually finished a little early, completing 230 km in all.

Photos courtesy of Olya Glotka & Abu Khan:

From our riders blog

We were joined by Dylan and Janet, from Edmonton. Actually they’re from PEI. I looked after Dylan when he was 2, in 2007, and diagnosed with acute leukaemia. We took him through 3.5 years of treatment, and now he’s in Grade 8, plays club football and is leading a normal life, but with a past. – Bruce Crooks

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