National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 3 Lake Louise to Calgary

Today started off with the most exquisite sunrise in Lake Louise. The beauty of the area was incredible & gave me an exhilarating high. We took in the surroundings & got some great team photos. It was so beautiful. It reminded me of what life has to offer & I was drinking it in.  Then I went from an immediate high to an immediate low when we did the morning dedication to a child. This morning we honoured Briony (Lynn Fast’s daughter- Lynn is one of our National Riders). It was a brutal reality check. Not only did we hear the sad story of her struggles & then passing, but we were also read a letter that Briony had written before she died. Her mother found the letter after she died. No mother should ever find such a letter. Please read it (attached)…it is so powerful. I am still crying.

Our emotions on this journey can change from one minute to the next. We are here to support each other but most importantly we are here to support the families that are currently dealing with their children living with & beyond cancer. I was determined to make this a great day for all.  So, many of the volunteers donned costumes today & we tried to keep the riders spirits up by jumping up & down like crazy people on the side of the road as they cycled by. They need encouragement. What they are doing is so hard & full of emotions.  So…if you think we are just here to have fun- you are wrong. We are on a mission.  However, we do try to have fun as we go just to keep sanity.  We all have to life life large… so we are making today count.

Well the end of the day brought me the biggest smile. My little friend Foster (a young surivor from Calgary) came to see us at supper. It made my day! I wanted to just hug hm & squeeze him & I was just so  thankful that he is still here with us. Every minute of life counts for these young children.  You see, so many of them end up with secondary cancers & major organ damage. Over 95% of young kids cancer survivors end up with lifelong physical damage to their bodies.  Can you imagine a child getting cancer more than once??? It is too common. The treatments & protocols for children are very different from those for adults with cancer.  One of the biggest issues is that only 3% of cancer research dollars go towards kids cancer- how stupid is that? We are here to change that. That is the mission of our organization. Our monies go directly towards kids cancer research but we need people like you to donate to keep our mission going. We will do that hard part & cycle across the country- you just have to press a button & donate (we are keeping it easy for you).  Even $20 goes a loooong way.  Is a week of your Tim Horton’s coffee money worth saving a child?

Please donate if you can..