National Kids Cancer Ride


What a day.  Lake Louise is beautiful…. We started our day with an early breakfast then shuttled to lake Louise.  Team photos and one last look at the view then off to our bikes and to do our dedication.  Today we rode for a hero who is battling 2 different cancers at the same time …. We ride for Tristan.

With tears and a last goodbye to Team 2 we were off.  The scenery is amazing and we made it to munch in Banff.  After our stop we did the next 25km to lunch and then 25 km to our ahutrle.  Loaded our bikes them met up with the local police department who escorted us to the children’s hospital.

With a gracious welcome and many who came to cheer us on we heard from the parents of another hero who left is too young.  Joel… Joel loved to golf and even when he was weak would take his family to golf 18 holes in the rain.

Now off to Lethbridge to sleep and then up for another 176km day tomorrow.  Night All!


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