National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 2- Vernon to Lake Louise

Holy moly- I am exhausted & it’s only day 2… can that be? I suspect it’s in part from jumping up & down to cheer on the cyclists, cooking for 40 people at a time, early mornings & late nights…. but most likely the emotions that we all encounter during this event. The emotions of knowing how many children across Canada are currently dealing with cancer. That takes a toll on my brain. It should take a toll on yours too. Your kid could be next!
Today we dedicated the ride to Taissa- Ulana Lydias daughter. Ulana has been a National Rider as well & is a huge advocate for fighting childhood cancer. Her beautiful young daughter passed away from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the tender age of 13. How shitty is that? A parent’s worst nightmare!
So many children are dying. 1 in every 285 kids in Canada are affected- pretty scary eh?
Through personal experience, I can say that I now know how greatly underfunded children’s cancer research is! it is a huge area in great need. Currently less than 3% of cancer funding goes to kids cancer research yet children’s cancer is huge!! My son died of it…many will follow. I am here to make change. Are you with me?
Today the cyclists rode all the way from Vernon BC to Revelstoke BC. The day was beautiful & the riders were in full swing mode. They rode hard & fast & worked as a team. They were as determined on their bikes as their hearts are in beating this dreaded disease. We are all a bunch of like-minded people who have volunteered together to raise monies & awareness, & to bring support & hope to the families we meet along the way. We so badly do not want other parents like Ulana to hear the words “your child has cancer”
Oh & by the way….if you wonder why we all have blue nail polish on one finger….it is because we pay tribute to Taissa every ride we do….it was her most favourite colour & she will always be in our hearts!.