National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 2 – Ride to B.C Hospital and Orientation continues

Today our mission was to get out to B.C hospital to visit Inara whom is a little girl that is currently going through chemo treatment.  We arrived to the hospital and she was running a little late due to treatment she was receiving.

We carried on our ceremony and later was greeted by this amazing little girl. You would have never known she was going through treatment and or anything such as cancer. Her bubbly and witty personality stole all our hearts in an instant.

It’s amazing how children can be so happy and positive while dealing with such a disease.  I think there’s something to be learned from children and their outlook on life. We too often make such a big deal out of small things yet they are not making a big deal out of this BIG thing.

Inara told us what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She said that she was going to be a “Princess Warrior”.  She also mentioned that she has been practicing for years!!!! She said that a Princess Warrior are a type of Ninja. Already I knew I love this girl.

After the hospital visit we headed back to the hotel where we continued to prepared for our 1st official day of our 18 days across the country.  We had our Team 1 meeting where we shared stories as  why were are here.  As my turn was approaching and so many amazing stories had been told. I quickly realized that my reason to be here had just grown that much more.  Everyone’s story is so amazing and they all really just want to make a different in children’s lives who are battling cancer.  How can anyone not want to be a part of something as such as this.  My reason’s have just multiplied.

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