National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 18- The end of the ride

The end of the ride (for now)! How can you possibly sum up 18 full days of cycling across Canada to save the children in our world from cancer? There is just too much to say.
I have lived with the most incredible group of people for the last 3 weeks & we have all become so very close. They are my second family & I treasure each one of these individuals. We have hugged, we have laughed, we have cried & we have done everything in between. We have slept in 18 wheel trucks, eaten our meals in parking lots & arenas, have ridden on bicycles until our bums hurt, we have peed in numerous strange places including most parking lots across the country, we have met the most incredible families & children living with cancer, we have brought hope to many communities & most importantly…we have raised a crap load of money (1.1 million so far this year) so that your child will have a better chance at beating cancer if god forbid he or she were to get it! We are slowly making change & I have seen it first hand. It takes effort to make change & I can say we made the best effort possible. I am so proud of what we have accomplished & we did it with a smile! I would do it again in an instant!
Here are a few pics (out of thousands) that at least tell part of the tale…..

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