Day 18 - Halifax, Peggy's Cove, IWK and Pleasant Point

Day 18 – Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, IWK and Pleasant Point

We dipped our wheels in the Atlantic Ocean as we completed the National Ride! What an incredible ride! Thank you to all our volunteers, sponsors and supporters throughout it all!

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I will admit I wasn’t a hugger before I got involved with the National Ride. True story: In 2017, my little brother messaged my wife after we were in Moncton asking if I was Ok because I actually hugged him, “I mean really hugged me”. Hugging rapidly becomes a thing on the NKCR. There are plenty of types of hugs. We hug people when we meet them for the first time. There are joyous hugs for friends and wheel family that we haven’t seen in some time, only to miss them again shortly after. And there are hugs of support. For parents who have lost children, for friends in need and for riders and crew that just need a little emotional support.

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