National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 16: Like It’s Your Last Day of School

Moncton, NB to Charlottetown, PEI 

This morning I woke up SUPER excited because I knew I was going to get to see Chloe and the end of the day I knew I was going to see the Donnelley’s. 

I was eating breckie when in came Chloe. In 2013 we met for the first time  and I wrote Here I met a very special Chloe. She is 4 ½ years old and was diagnosed with ALL 5 months ago. Again with the irony in the kidletts I am meeting…. I have to say I had the BEST evening tonight. There is something that one needs to understand, and it is hard to explain, the connection that two cancer kids can share is alarming. We were like two peas in a pod holy man… we skipped around the parking lot holding hands, danced and I had the absolute pleasure of presenting her with a jersey. Then, by her request, all of the riders joined in a massive skipping across the parking lot and the smile coming from her face…ah. Then just before we were leaving, the song I Believe I can Fly by R. Kelly was blasted and Chloe and I danced… I picked her up and she extended her arms and we flew. I cannot explain how special this was (as I cry), her smile was so peaceful, happy and REAL. Chloe made my day and perhaps my trip

Today we danced also. It’s amazing to see her thriving having survived this. She is a rockstar! 


Chloe and I… 6 years later

 Today we ride for Sean, a 12 year old boy who lived everyday like it was the last day of school, happy and excited for the next. I rode with his dad in 2013. Chris is an amazing father who is helping change the landscape for childhood cancer patient. When he was born the paediatrician gave his parents the news he only had a heart condition – a murmur that was diagnosed as Sub-aortic stenosis. When he was seven he had surgery to correct his condition and he became a hockey and soccer player. When he was 9 a bump started to appear on his hand which continued to grow and was later diagnosed as cancer. He was given a tough protocol of surgeries, radiation and very toxic chemotherapy as well as blood transfusions and needles which he hated. After 14 months he was cancer free and enjoyed being a kid again. About a year later his parents noticed another bump on his leg and the cancer was back. He battled it again and won again. After a family trip to Australia and New Zealand scans revealed the cancer was back for a third time and the chances of beating it were nil and they choose to enjoy what time they had left. On July 9, 2007 he passed away peacefully and during his time here he had two successful bestselling books written about him. 

We rolled to Shelley’s old high school- like from  24 years ago! Wow. We had an assembly. She spoke and did a great job. Then Becca was introduced. This young lady is something else; a true hero who is thriving. While battering terminal brain cancer she has often been asked what others can do…her response? Spread kindness because #BeccaToldMeTo since then this has gone viral and on September 16th this was declared #BeccaToldMeTo and over 16,000 kids in schools alone across NS participated. That’s a big deal. 

I encourage you to do this and use #BeccaToldMeTo because she reads them all! #BeccaToldMeTo 

At the end of the assembly I spoke briefly with her. We had a long, great hug and I told her how inspired and proud I am to have the chance to meet a true next generation “Terry Fox”. A diffence maker. She told me that I was also her inspiration. If only she could ride with us… this though I was in tears. ​

​Wind that was the story of our ride today. But who cares about that. It was an amazing ride!! Riding on the island is something else. And PEI isn’t flat folks. 

How many people can you fit at one table?

When we rolled into PEI Nancy, James and Devon were there to greet us. I have known them as long as I can remember. They have supported us every year on this and since I was sick. 

Nancy was telling me today that she remembers exactly what she was doing the day she found out I had cancer. She was in the yard, had a pink blanket down and was washing the blinds when mom called (she was suppose to be in Bermuda with dad). She asked mom what was wrong? Taylor has cancer. Nancy said it was like the world stopped. She said the week before when she had been over, I had walked in from school and leaned against the door frame and mom asked if I was tired? Yes I said and went to have a nap. 

She also told me about the first time I came for a sleepover for the weekend to hang with Emily. She and I were sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching a movie (we were really good at that and my love for popcorn hasn’t stopped) when she had to grab my bag of meds- chemo, anitpukeys, and who knows what else and she said she was terrified of something went wrong and I walked over and told her “don’t worry Nancy I know what to do” and sat down and took my pills. I don’t know why a 5 year old should know these things but cancer makes you grow up fast. 

I think it’s pretty special that we have friends like this. Chloe, Slizabeth her mom, Becca and the Donnelly’s. 

Thank you for everything 

Love Tay 

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