Day 15 - Grand Falls NB to Fredricton

Day 15 – Grand Falls NB to Fredricton

When we rolled into Grandfalls the temperature was dropping rapidly and we knew that we were in for a cold night… needless to say “cold night” translated into “meat freezer” within the confines of the insulated trailer. The morning dedication was for Michael Leiter who passed away from Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Liver Cancer) in 2006, son of fellow National Rider Mike Leiter

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When I look at Mike I see a warrior… someone who is a bit battle scarred, but throws himself into the fray with the passion he displayed today regardless of the physical toll… some days are good, some not but that’s ok because it’s not about the mileage but about the cause… would you rather go into battle with a pretty boy who has no heart or into battle with a veteran who will lay it all on the line… I choose the later, and I’m honoured to have met him and ride with him.

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