National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 15- Grand Falls, NB to Fredericton, NB

What a beautiful day! Best day ever (again)!  We travelled (& cycled) through beautiful New Brunswick today. This morning I didn’t have to cook breakfast as it was sponsored by McDonalds today- Thank you Nadine & your wonderful crew! Our morning dedication was a real hard one. We dedicated today’s ride to Mike Leiter Jr (son of one of our National Riders). It was another hard emotional start to the morning. As hard as it was….it does not compare to anything these kids go through.  We all know that well!

The day started with near zero temperatures & the riders were so cold. We made more hot chocolate when they resurfaced out of the mist. What troopers they are!! Once the sun came out, a few of us braved the chilly weather & put on bathing suits & pretended we were on a beach to give the cyclists a laugh when they rolled on by. (It wasn’t bathing suit weather – I can tell you that for sure- ha ha!) Check out the scenery in the pics.

On a personal note….I would like to think that if you are reading this, then you are really curious as to why a person such as myself would submit to the physical endurance of bicycling across Canada in 2017 & volunteering another 3 times to help kids with cancer….am I right?  It is a discussion I have had in my head too but for different reasons. This ride is a big deal. Not just riding across Canada on a bicycle or cooking for 40 people for 18 days..but rather, the concept itself of kids having cancer.    Honestly. Let’s get real here.

Now imagine your beautiful little boy. He is born. You adore him. You cherish his every little atom. Life moves on. You live in the norm. Summer vacations, School concerts happen, Sunday suppers are cherished together. Day to day sometimes taken for granted (but always appreciated). Teen years follow & he comes into his own. Then he gets the flu. But it isn’t the flu. He is immediately hospitalized that day & does not see much of daylight for the next 11 months.   Misses school & friends. Instead he deals with blood transfusions, spinal taps, feeding tubes, surgery, daily blood work…oh yeah & major chemotherapy…& of course the side issues such as pneumonia, pancreatitis, rashes, heart function…there is so much more..too hard to share….& then he dies. He has just turned 16 (whilst in hospital).

Simon is not alone. I know many of his hospital mates who were dealing with cancer at the same time. I was so happy that many (not all) of them survived their cancers….but I know at least 3 of them who are now dealing with secondary cancers- mostly due to the first round of toxic treatments they received!!  It never occurred to me that, this would ever happen. Holy crap!  How freakin awful is that!!   You see, the problem is that there have not been many new drugs created for children’s cancer. (so much is geared to adult cancer).  Children’s bodies have a hard time with Adult type treatments protocols. But it is the reality until we discover drugs & treatments that will work for children’s bodies.  This is why I am volunteering across Canada. I want to raise monies for new protocols & treatments geared towards children cancer specifically. It is too underfunded.

I will do this again & again…  year after year… But…I really need people to donate to me so that I can direct 100% of these monies to children’s cancer research programs. This is my whole aim. I have met children over the past 2 years that have benefited directly from the monies our organization raises…so I have seen successes first hand…. this makes me even more passionate about doing this… if you ask me why….need I say more? If I can save even 1 family from having to hear “Your child has cancer”…then it is all worth it. (I never said I wasn’t scared though) .

Are you with me?