National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 14- St Augustin (Louis Garneau) Que, to Grand Falls NB

Day 14 was a total blurr for me…..I crashed hard & long late morning. I guess I hit my wall today. It can happen when you go like mad for 2 weeks straight with little sleep & expending vast amounts of energy.  All good though…My people let me sleep a lot today (in fact I missed both lunch & supper to  a world of dreams)….I felt so guilty when I woke up as I hate missing any of the action….nonetheless, I had a fantastic start to the day. It was Tartan Tuesday (we wear costumes when we can & tuesdays are dedicated to Tartans (again for fun & comeraderie).  So this is what I looked like when I met the famous Louis Garneau this morning!! ha ha!

Our wonderful photographer Faith Cathcart took some amazing photos that day & I want to share them with you now.