National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 13 & 14: our “beads”

Day 13 (Kingston to Ottawa) & Day 14 (Ottawa to Montreal)

Lets start with today. Today was the hardest day of group riding we’ve had yet, not because of the route or distance but because of the condition of the roads all the way along. Cracks, bumps, sinkholes around the sewers, road furniture, narrow roads, congestion. I could go on. On the positive note though, we all stayed safe, our bikes survived, we were well fed, the route was scenic, and the sun and heat stayed with us all day.

Yesterday we started out with a visit to CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario). We met Justin, a young man who went through years of surgery and then infections alternately that eventually resulted in his receiving a prosthetic leg. He was extremely inspiring and told us “what are you going to do? You just got to keep on”.

I thought of him today and of the young boy who spoke at Toronto’s Sick Kids. There we learned about bravery beads. These are beads that kids going through treatments receive each time they have a needle, a transplant, a transfusion, a stay in the hospital, etc. Daniel had over 2000 beads on his rope.

Well today’s challenges were our beads. But it hardly seems comparable. So we need to just keep on going don’t we.

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