Day 12 - Hamilton to Kingston

Day 12 – Hamilton to Kingston

We arrived after midnight at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, after the long drive down from Tobermory, where we were greeted by a group of NKCR alumni, friends and family, many in costume and cheering for us as we stepped out of the RVs and vans.

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Riders / Volunteers Perspective

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Despite the steady drizzle, the ride into Toronto was magical: our group of about 50 riders cruising along the Lakeshore, with six motorcycle policemen leapfrogging ahead of the group with sirens blaring, stopping traffic at every intersection, as our lengthy peloton made it’s way to downtown Toronto and up University Avenue to the Hospital for Sick Children. At SickKids, we were met by many dozens of friends and family who had come out to meet and wish us well at this important stop on our journey. We headed inside to a reception area where we heard from members of the hospital staff, who thanked us for our efforts to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer.

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