National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 11: Where did that come from?

For today’s post, I’d like to refer you to a post from a fellow teammate and doctor who cares for children and their families going through cancer diagnoses and treatment protocols:

Day 11. Nairn Centre to Parry Sound. #beccatoldmeto

It’s important that this part of today’s story is told because I spent the majority of my day trying to get out of my own head and back to my team. Things hit us out of the blue. Today my thing was anger, towards my father especially, and towards my previous employers. Anger because of betrayal and a lack of resolution. Anger and deep sadness for things that have happened to me in my life. And for their long-lasting effect.

But maybe this day was meant to happen as part of my learning about what parents feel, what kids feel. One day, your life is moving along like the average person’s and the next, the bottom falls out and you’re being sucked into a dark hole at a terrifying rate. The only thing to do to survive is grab at the hands extended out to you.

A few posts ago, Bruce Crooks may have mentioned that I ride “because it dries my tears”. Well today I did that while my teammates, without my saying a word about what was going on behind my sunglasses, scooped me up in their slipstream and fought against the black hole and I thank them immensely for that.

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