National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 11- day by day…

Day 11 – Echo Bay, ON to Spanish, ON

“And we’ll go up, up, upBut I’ll fly a little higher

Go up in the clouds because the view is a little nicer

Up here my dear

It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now”

This morning we woke up at the crack of dawn, still dark out and we rode to breckie at Bucchis… holy smokes! This year has been incredible. I know I said it before, but with a large loss of Sears as our title sponsor, we gained so much through community involvement. It is because of people like them, opening their restaurant to feed us that we make new connections. 

Today dad did the dedication. I knew it was a special day. Grant’s day. “Here comes the sun” played while dad read. Today we rode for Grant an extremely focused, intelligent, athletic and caring 15 year old. In February 2011 his parents Mel and Jim and sister Ali (hi you three) received a call to go to the children’s hospital immediately as blood tests were off. Acute Lumphoblastic (ALL) Leukaemia.  He responded well to treatment and his attitude during the whole thing was inspirational- I mean if you knew his family his wouldn’t come as a suprise.  He was in remission within 3 weeks of treatment and was able to attend his grade 9 grad. Throughout the treatment the isolation was tough due to his weakened immune system, but he managed to stay in touch with friends through Skype and texts. After returning home from camp kindle he began experiencing aches and pains again and on August 15th was diagnosed with AML, which required him to be hospitalized for long periods of time due to the treatment. He developed breathing problems and was forced into the ICU for two weeks. New bumps were starting to form on his skin and he was diagnosed with a third cancer, peripheral leukaemia (skin). On September 16, 2011 surrounded by family Grant died. It has been 6 years today and although we never met, I feel though all I have known about you from your family, we were friends. 

Today was hot. Today I was afoot and forgot the sunscreen. Sexy burn lines I have. We rode as ages at TEAM today. Baconadiffence style. 

We had some amazing stops too at marinas. I put my feet in the water a lot today! LakeHuron I think and Mark found a bike with a basket. He is our crew chief and in past years I had his wheel reserved. It’s like riding behind the kindest, largest wall of power with him. It was nice having him on the road.  
We finished our night in Spanish. It was a great dinner cooked like this 

Tonight I leave you with this question: 

Love you all,


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