National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 11- Blind River to Hamilton, Ontario

Yup- still in Ontario….it really is huge…day 3 of Ontario & we are trucking along. The morning sun brought on a new great day. I am happy to be alive & to be a part of this amazing journey to help raise awareness & support to these families that go through hell. Children’s cancer affects the whole family (not just the child). Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends… affects everyone.  Even though the day was beautiful, it is still hard to know in the back of your head that there are so many kids currently in hospital enduring the most crappy side effects & treatments to bring them to the brink of death & back (in most cases)……

So today I treasured the sun that rose.  We had our morning dedication & I was so relieved to know that this was one child that has so far been saved from death. His name was Justin…he is a teenager and a huge lover of music. He endured AML (another horrible form of Leukemia) & he managed to survive a bone marrow transplant last fall. Thank God!…. a good start to the day!

Then we heard the words “5 minutes”!  We knew that was our cue to START THE CAR! START THE CAR!…. We were off again (Look at Gerry running). We had time constraints today because we had to make the ferry from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory (or else face another 8 1/2 hrs driving over & above what we are already doing). The riders had a pretty good day on the road even though it was pretty gusty.  It was great to see them in formation pedalling stroke after stroke. It made me so proud of them all. They just don’t give up (neither do I).

We saw some great sights too along the way. We basked in the sun from the top deck of the ferry boat & engaged with people on the boat to share what we are doing (creating awareness for our cause). It was a day that was filled with scenery & positive thoughts (& of course cooking for almost 40 people).  We all needed a break today so the 90 minute ferry ride was a blessing & a treat.  Sometimes everyone needs a break….kids with cancer especially- they really don’t get a break at all. Kids cancer sucks beyond belief. How indepth would you like me to get?…I can easily tell you some horrible stuff….but maybe instead you can take a moment and imagine it on your own. Take a moment- I dare you!