National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 10- Marathon to Wawa, Ontario

I honestly don’t remember this day much. I was an exhausted mess. In fact I was so tired I would have cried at anything. Even at a date square…& I love those. I do remember the wet cold rain & the wind that made the RV seem like a kite as we were driving….in fact the wind & cold were so bad that we had to pull the riders off the road. That was a first! That rarely ever happens….they ride in wind & rain all the time but today was a real exception…it was torrential rain & the wind was totally sideways.

Every day we dedicate the ride to a child & today was no exception. We hear the stories daily- some have positive outcomes but many do not. Today we heard Caleb’s story. He did not survive…and it struck me hard again. Another child gone & he was only 4 yrs old. He also suffered terribly (but did not complain as most of the kids don’t). If it were me in his shoes I would be a blubbering mess…..but these kids just take it & take it. They even still smile & thank the nurses for helping them (even if they may have just barfed). Frig it is just not right.  It is the young teaching the old. I have learned so much from these kids over the last 5 years & I vow never to complain about stupid stuff ever again…LIVE LIFE LARGE is my motto…& I also want to make every day count….these kids don’t get the chance for a real life so I better make today count- even if for them.

So…I took in the scenery for a short bit as we drove & then I crashed hard….I slept for hours and hours.