Day 10 - Marathon to Blind River Wawa Rotary Club

Day 10 – Marathon to Blind River Wawa Rotary Club

Friday the 13th turned out to be unlucky for us as we awoke in Marathon to pouring rain, which had been pounding on the metal roof of our travelling dormitory (a 53’ long x 8’ wide transport trailer with bunk beds for 20 people) most of the night.

We showered at the community centre in Wawa and were provided with a fabulous dinner of spaghetti and meat balls by the local Rotary Club.

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Lord knows, in the last few days we have seen enough water to last a long time, although fair warning, this is by no means the wettest NKCR ever. We have battled water and wind the last few days, and we have had to go with the flow, taking what the day brings us and adapting to make it our own. With seriousness, as we heard the story of Caleb who was diagosed with high-risk stage IV Neuroblastoma, a relatively rare and aggressive cancer that developed from the nerve cells in his adrenal gland, and metastatized to mulitple sites in his body, ultimately moving into his bone marrow and resulting in his receiving his angel wings at far too young an age.

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