National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 1 – White Rock to Hope and the story of Finn

Today was an emotional day for all.

It was a day of excitement, fear,  sadness and hope. We shared tears, hugs and laughter.

The morning began at 5am.  We ate and packed up from the hotel and headed to White Rock where we dipped our back tires into the ocean, to begin our journey across Canada.

But before we head out we were incredibly lucky to have Patrick Sullivan shared his story about his son Finn and his battle with cancer. Unfortunately Finn is no longer with us.

Here’s a moment a truth… as I was preparing for this journey, people would ask me.. why are you doing this?  I would say, “well, I’m turning 40, I wanted to do something big, I wanted to do something for a cause, I met Ken Cross who had done this ride 6 times, knew the story about his daughter Megan. And we’ll my mom was also diagnosed with cancer”, and that seemed to be all pretty good reasons.  But, after only 3 days of spending time with the people who are riding, volunteering and all the speakers along the way so far, they have giving me soo many more reasons to ride.

My favorite quote from Patrick…

“I ride because I can, and maybe just maybe someday they will tell me that someone can because I ride”.


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