National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 1 – White Rock to Hope

Yahoooo! The National Kids Cancer Ride has begun! After 4 days of preparing, training, organizing & team building…we are on the road! What an incredible group of people, all like-minded embarking on an epic journey to cycle across Canada with the aim to eradicate children’s cancer. We are a determined and dedicated group. Some may even call us incredibly passionate! I certainly am!
Our point of departure was beautiful White Rock, BC. It is a special place to me because the last time I was there with my husband, we sprinkled my son Simon’s ashes in the Pacific Ocean. Simon died in 2014 after a year long struggle with Leukemia. He was only 16. Today marked a very different start to the ride for me. My husband Scott passed away last October from cancer too, so I am now carrying the ashes of both my son & husband with me this time. So the start of the ride for me included sprinkling both my son & husbands ashes together in the Pacific Ocean. He never got to swim there-now they both have. Today would have also been my husbands birthday so it was very fitting that the ride started today. He would have been so proud to know that I am continuing on with this fight to end children’s cancer. It is something so dear to us both. It is in my blood now for life.
After our ceremonial dip of the cyclists rear wheels in the Pacific ocean the cyclists were off! READY SET GO!
Our first stop was in Abbotsford where we were greeted by a host of lovely people at the Immanuel Church who fed us snacks & showed us the love! We really appreciate our sponsors who assist us as we travel as it is incredibly hard to feed 40 people on the road when you don’t always have a kitchen to work with…I know, I am one of two cooks on the trip! So thank you, thank you!
149 km later, we made it to Hope BC. I think that is quite fitting for our first day. HOPE is what we stand for. HOPE is what a parent wants when they are told “your child has cancer”. HOPE is that your child will survive it. HOPE is that we will slowly find more cures & better protocols. We have made great strides in the last 10 years & quite frankly a lot of it is because of what our organization has done. The Coast to Coast against Cancer foundation has to date distributed over 10 million dollars (raised by volunteers & cyclists) in the last 10 years to the 17 Pediatric oncology hospitals across our country so that slowly we can make change. I have seen firsthand what our monies can do. I have seen survivors who were alive because of the monies we gave (drug trial treatment programs, research etc) & I have seen children with cancer smile when they go to kids cancer camp where they can feel safe & be a kid again……even if just for a week.
So, when you think of hope- remember what hope means- it is the desire for good things to happen. This is where we come in-when you have desire & passion, things start happening…let’s make it happen together- will you help?