National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 1 White Rock to Hope


It was a very emotional opening ceremonies to say the least…I’ve envisioned being part of them for years now…but didn’t expect how it was going to put things even more into perspective!!

Before we roll every morning…we have a dedication to a child living with cancer…a survivor or a child that has earned their wings…who is no longer with us…

That morning we met and heard from Patrick…the father of Finn who earned his wings at only four years old…

Patrick’s dedication to his own son ripped my heart in half but also hammered in that my decision to do what I’m doing…was more then right one!!

The ride itself was amazing! The scenery was spectacular even with the haze of smoke covering the mountains…

Our team jelled very quickly and rode well over the 145km that day…but what did not leave my mind over the coarse of the day…was Patrick’s dedication!!

I rode for Finn!!

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