National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 1: There’s so much strength in you and me

Today marked my 3rd “wheel dip” in the Pacific Ocean. My 3rd coast-to-coast adventure. One unbroken goal- TO END CHILDHOOD CACNER!

In 2013 if you had asked me if I would have even done this once, I would have laughed in your face, but when you are struggling to get up the Cochrane hill and Adam who was 6 months post bone marrow transplant looked at me while LITERALLY pulling me up and says “I have a good idea, lets cycle across Canada on the National Kids Cancer Ride in 2013 what do you think?.” Well the answer was an obvious “yes”, as that was the only words I could muster at that point because who knew riding 300km in 3 days was a lot? Adam THANK YOU for being my person, and all these years later even though you are not here on this earth to lead these amazing individuals on such an inspirational journey with me, I know you are there every pedal stroke, looking down on our team smiling ear to ear because we are working our butts off to END this.

White Rock- I have been here now for a 3rd time and wow it is always emotional and a very introspective moment for me and dad too I am sure. Patrick gave the dedication today




We rolled out shortly after this and I had to stay at the back as I was a blubbering mess- for those kiddos fighting this fight right now and the parents behind them every step of the way know that your story can be like mine- one of hope and survivorship. I can proudly say that I have the most amazing parents on this planet (sorry if you think yours are better). These two are the heart and soul of why I am where I am today. Thanks Ma and Pa for supporting my craziness!

On the bike I was thinking, “okay Taylor why are you doing this ride again? What are you here to gain from this?” How can you help make sure we have a successful ride?”. Well As we were doing introductions last night and half of the team are first year riders and volunteers my story of my “why” came out. As we were stopped for a solid 30 min because of a train, a long line of traffic came upon us and because I’m so shy and reserved, I thought I needed to come out of my shell (Stop your laughter ha) and I managed to educate 12 people on childhood cancer and gained $100 in donations! Thank you to those of you who donated- particularly the family of 3 boys under the age of 3- yes you could one day do this!

We had a fabulous, smoky, hot ride today, and at the end of it Mark, my dear friend and two time national rider and now two time crew chief came out with a surprise- “The hero of the d’eh?” in honor of our amazing friend Ed who passed away earlier this year from his courageous battle with cancer- it is in celebration of Canada 150 and in celebration of superstar rider and volunteer Ed Helmus- my gosh I am going to miss those high fives as we roll out and that unreal smile. EH!! This will be awarded to a rider or volunteer each day of this adventure. Each individual will sign their name to it and be the Hero of the day. In Eds memory.

Today’s went to a first time volunteer Jon- his brother passed away 9 years ago from Medulloblastoma, the the most common type of pediatric malignant primary brain tumor. Thank you Jon for taking time to come and join us on this amazing adventure <3

So I challenge you who is reading this, to tell someone you meet tomorrow about our journey and why we are doing it, because as in the words of the Lorax “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not” and that my friend is our reality.  As dad, myself embark on our THIRD coast to coast journey, in those years the monies raised for kids cancer has only reached a measly 4% of all dollars donated to cancer research goes to help children.  That isn’t good enough!

With love always,



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