National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 0 – to BC Children’s Hospital. And it begins…

This is the “unofficial” NCKR ride day. We all ride out to the BC Children’s Hospital for a big reception to launch the event. It’s a fun ride, but challenging due to traffic, many NCKR novice riders and a difficult purse trying to avoid said traffic. One of the best fun things to do is go over the Fraser River Bridge – big, high, windy, and exposed. Narrow path. And obstacles. Some people hate it. I LOVE it. It’s an awesome challenge but keeping it safe is the name of the game. The Reception is where I start to unravel. I’m so used to attending these things as the voice of the medical service, I stand there just like my friend and colleague, Dr Caron Strahlendorf, and speak about our service, our challenges, our goals and our disappointments. But not today. Today I’m one of those people on the other side, working to make those hopes and dreams reality. Today I’m the one receiving the thanks, even though I don’t think I deserve it. In fact I feel like a fraud. I get to ride my bike and have fun doing so. That doesn’t sound like a challenge to me. Not “hard work and dedication”, yet it must be, because I’ve done $22,000 fundraising to do this. And still it’s not enough. 

And on the other side, we also got to meet Inara. She’s 4. ANd has leukaemia. And this morning had her chemo treatment, and a lumbar puncture and sedation. And she came bouncing out to beet us, told us she was training to be a princess warrior, which is like a kind of ninja. I reckon she’ll succeed. I know about this stuff. I do it all the time to kids, but you forget that they bounce back from it and then carry on as if nothing had ever happened at all. 

It’s tough for me. I have nice comfortable walls that I’ve created over years, and fine tuned to make me safe from that emotional, mental and spiritual harm. Unfortunately, as i do this, those walls get chipped away, and start to crumble and fall. More of that to follow. 

However, I now also have the pleasure to watch the new riders come on board, And watch their worlds crumble and fall apart as they remember the enormity of what they are facing and going to do. 

Watch this space. 

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