National Kids Cancer Ride


After arriving in Winnipeg at a reasonable hour last night we had a chance to jump into the bar at Earl’s and have a drink, which was a nice break from the constant rush.  Today we had a “short” 3 hour shuttle to Kenora…and it was during this time I was named Cinnamon.

Before our ride today we did a dedication to one of our teammate’s son Michael Leiter, who succumbed to cancer. This was a very difficult one for all of us because as a team we had grown very close already and being in Mike’s company as Michael’s story was told brought us all to tears.

I decided to take off the first leg of our 214km of our ride from Kenora to Fort Francis to give my torn butt muscle some time to heal. Rochelle played hooky wih me as she needed her bottom bracket bearings replaced at a local bike shop.  We wandered around town for a bit and checked out the farmers market, which had the most amazing colorful fresh vegetables either us had ever seen.  A short 45min later and Rochelle’s bike was ready to go.  We met up with Tim and Dan, our RV crew, who were at the laundromat just finishing the laundry of the day.

We were hoping to catch up to the team at the first stop at Souix Falls, but they had already left shuttling forward to a point beyond the extensive road work being done.  They unloaded and started riding within 16km of the second stop, so we just jumped forward and met them there.  By now we only had 90km to go and with a predominant tail wind we made great time all the way to Fort Francis.  Best of all, my butt felt great!

At Fort Francis we had a super fast shower at the community center and then went to Tess and Robert’s home for supper.  Tess first got involved years ago by catering a supper at a local hall for the SNKCR riders as they came through. After a couple of years the hall was no longer available, but Tess was undeterred and started having the team over to her house.  The food was amazing with steak, veggies of all sorts, perogies and a sweet potatoe casserole to die for.

After dinner we had a long shuttle to Thunder Bay, getting in at 2:15am.

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