National Kids Cancer Ride

BC Children’s Hospital

Where there is heat and smokey skies, there may be fire.  We woke to a very overcast day, but we quickly learned that those were not normal cloud coverage, the winds had turned and we had been covered in a smokey haze.  But nothing was going to stop our ride to BC Children’s Hospital today.  We rode over crazy bridges and through some very interesting traffic.  Kelly got her first flat (hopefully the last) and we arrived to be totally surprised by Stephen Cohos!  What a treat!  Back at the hotel and after another team meeting bang there was Al and Lauren MacFarlane arrived with hugs, dinner and a welcome helping hand to start the set up of our bunks!  We are almost ready to start this journey, one more sleep!

Today at BC Children’s hospital we had the privilege of meeting Inara…the warrior princess.  She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three and underwent treatment just prior to our arrival but you sure would not know it.  She had our hearts and in sweet laughter with in seconds. Keep smiling princess, you got this!!!

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