National Kids Cancer Ride

The Need to Change the Story of Childhood Cancer

Day 1 – National Kids Cancer Ride. Start of our ride from White Rock, BC to Hope, BC. Patrick Sullivan is a father and active advocate for childhood cancer.   Patrick’s son, Finn, died of cancer at the tender age of 3, and in that three years, Finn loved to live despite all that he lived with and went through. Finn loved to run, jump, bounce, dance, sing, love, smile and ride.   He lived it every chance he got.

Patrick spoke to us about the need to change the story. For thirty years, there has been little or no progress in the treatment of childhood cancer despite the fact that more children die of cancer than any other disease combined. Treatments are essentially the same, as are the long term side effects that many children face after treatment. So many questions remain about why some cancers return, and why some are resistant to therapy,  As Patrick said, understanding the basic concepts will lead to improvements in cancer survival and improved quality of life, and help these children and their families. The story needs to change and that’s why your support is so important. So these much needed funds can be put towards research and understanding childhood cancer better.

Patrick also talked about the importance of having fun and living life in the moment, just like Finn did. He was a boy who lived life fully.

Thank you for all your support for this important cause!

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  1. Patti and Steve Haskell

    Hi Michelle!
    We are reading your blog regularly and cheering you on. What remarkable stories you are sharing. We love the bracelets and all they represent. Safe journey and know we are sending good vibes to help lighten your load!
    Steve and Patti💞

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