National Kids Cancer Ride

The Smell of Spring

I was walking the dogs by the river last night and was struck by a sudden memory of the springtime of my youth. I was always outside growing up, playing, exploring, competing. While I don’t remember recognizing it at the time, I’ve found that each season has it’s own distinct smell, and each of them brings a smile to my face. Last night was no exception.
I suddenly remembered splashing in puddles, digging for worms, sliding in mud and racing my bike up and down the block. Just that crisp scent of the breeze over the cold rushing water brought me back to carefree days of my childhood, and I smiled.
My walks with the dogs are often an opportunity for me to let go of the worries of my day, and clear my head. Sometimes I use them as a time for planning, and other times I simply think about how lucky I am. Yesterday was a “how lucky I am” day. I was enjoying the warm sun on my face and looking forward to today’s training ride, when it occurred to me that many of the kids I ride for won’t get the chance to make this connection. Many of the kids faced with cancer will spend years in and out of hospitals. Their memories filled with the pungent antiseptic smell that medial facilities are clouded with. The luckier ones faced with watching the spring go by through a window or TV screen. How unfair is it that a grandfather like myself can live like a kid, while these kids live like a grandfather?
The training isn’t getting easier for me, but now that I have a granddaughter this cause has become even more urgent for me. Please join me in this fight against the number one disease based killer of our children, after all, who wants to look back on a childhood full of hospitals and needles?