National Kids Cancer Ride

thank heaven for the flu

So I was sick with the flu for two weeks.  Well, that’s a stretch.  I was in bed for 5 days, and then upright but not feeling energetic enough to do anything for the rest of the time.  Two weeks.  And it felt like a lifetime.  And I was actually worried that it would be 3 or 4 weeks before I felt normal again.  And I was so upset that my training was being affected and I would have lost so much fitness in the time it took to recover.

I can’t believe how trivial that seems given the reason I’m training.  I’m an adult and I’ve been sick before and I have a good understanding of training and recovery.  I will admit that many, many times I reminded myself of how small my aches and pains were compared to what a child with cancer goes through.  I was with my mum through her last months and days before cancer took her.  I remember how little we could do to ease her physical discomfort and her confusion about what was to come next.  I can’t begin to imagine a child being so sick and her/his parents being so vulnerable to the disease battling with their child.  Where does their unworldly strength come from?

I have so much to learn from this experience and I’m so privileged to have been given the chance.