National Kids Cancer Ride

Spring Is Here

Yesterday was my first outdoor ride of the season and boy did that feel great.  So begins the start of my outside training for SNKCR 2017. Rode with my friend Micki for about 21k, wind in our face which was a little challenging but still amazing to be outside.  Felt so good when I came home that I went out again for about another 12k.
The roads were laden with dirt and debris from the winter but that will change once the cleaners get out there.  No flat tire so that was good. What’s always a challenge at the beginning of the season is what to wear.  It’s not like running where you can wear less cause you heat up quick and stay hot.  Cycling your get hot but there’s always a breeze blowing in your face and through your cloths.  So layer up with a jacket/vest that has pockets to peel off and store your outer layers in.  I know I will have good days and bad days but this is no different than the kids I will be riding for ever day of my journey in September.  So when I am having a bad day,  I will remember that it’s nothing to what a child feels when there having another procedure, being poked for the 100th time (in reality it’s more like 1,000s) being sick, or simply can’t play with there friends.  This is there normal and for me I will push through and look up to the sky and say….dig deep Sara you can do this.  I will survive just like I want so many of these children who I train and ride for.  Happy Monday, off to train in the gym then on the bike for a ride with the wind on my back.