National Kids Cancer Ride

Fundraising Begins

It’s time to get serious about raising the $15,000 for my ride across this great country and to help all the children and their families fighting this terrible disease we call cancer.

I am almost at the $5,000 mark so I feel good about that.  An amazing individual who I have known for several years, is so excited to be helping me fight childhood cancer by hosting a one day event to raise funds.   I know it’s going to be an epic event and I can’t wait.  Stay tuned for more exciting new.

I’ve offered to paint peoples homes and the money they pay goes as a donation, with a tax receipt given towards my fundraising.  This is a fantastic idea and a win win for everyone.

Still lots of work to do and to be honest, as much as the training is and will continue to be hard, time consuming and daunting at times, raising the $15,000 is the hardest part. My goal is to have all my fundraising done by June so I can concentrate solely on my training.   Reaching out and asking for everyone and any ones help is what we need to do.  Anything people can give, $1, $10, $100 is so appreciated and needed for these kids and their families.

Please consider helping me with my goal, but more importantly helping make the lives of these children and their families a little better.