National Kids Cancer Ride


Today was a good day. First outdoor ride of the season. The beginning of my training for SNKCR 2017.
it was tougher than I though, but i was proud of my 62 km. And thanks to Graeme for pulling my sorry ass round the course. I was also reminded that the more things change the more they stay the same. The roads were just as bad and debris laden. The wind always seems to blow straight into your face (a Nova Scotia speciality), It was colder than I thought and finally, my curse is still in place – I always hit traffic lights at red – especially the ones at the bottom of a climb. But when i got home, i was tired, cold and couldn’t feel my toes. but it felt good. I felt i had achieved something.
It reminds me of the beginnings of a child and family on their cancer journey – i knew what i had to do. I set off, but it was tougher than i thought. It hurt more than i thought and everything seemed to work against me. I had to put my head down and battle on. But it felt good to finish that first day. And what was important was that i had someone with me to encourage me along the way, lead the way, support me from behind and pull from the front.
Graeme is my new best friend as of last year in all of this!!!! he’s had his own battles to overcome, and done an amazing job of getting himself into a place where he can kick ass on a bike. And he knows what it means to live every day to the full, to take advantage of every opportunity, to push yourself as far as you can and to enjoy every minute.
He’s a survivor – just as much as any of the kids who’ve battled cancer. And he knows what it means to have been given that chance to live to the max.
It’s up to me to live up to that standard and to show how much I can do to help everyone to do that too.