National Kids Cancer Ride

And so it begins

This ride is certainly going to define my year. Given the importance of the cause, I knew it would, and I’m still looking forward to all of the challenges that it entails.

Training – Getting this old body ready for the ride:

Training has started for me, but it has been a journey so far. I had a strong start at the beginning of the year, with a lot of kms on the trainer day after day, but lately it has started to look like the bottom half of this image:

Not that that was terribly unexpected. Life kicks in, but I know I need to get more diligent on this and get moving. I am keeping fit, and trying to now balance work (a lot of travel lately), getting out on the road with my bike, and general fitness through some Crossfit classes. I’m starting to consider how I can get my riding in while I’m travelling, which may start to include travelling with my bike. It’s something I haven’t done yet, but if I get longer term projects from work, it will become a necessity.

That’s not to say I’m not positive about this. The roughly 1000 km I’ve put in this year so far has definitely shown gains in my normal early year form. I’m a lot more comfortable on the bike, especially climbing than I have been previous years, so there is good in this. I’ve also been able to keep up some of my form working out and while I’ve lost some of my strength (to be expected), I managed to have a good time suffering through the Crossfit Open in February and March. The Grind will continue.

Fundraising – the really hard part:

Things are picking up, but I still tend to lose sleep over this. My goal of $15,000 is something I’ve never tried to reach before. I feel like I’ve made a pretty good start, but still have a lot of work to do. The good news is that I’m almost 15% there (even higher when I consider that Citrix – my employer – will match my peers’ contributions), and have some plans to help get further.

Up next for me on the fundraising front is Festivus Games at Crossfit Indestri this coming weekend (April 22). I will be splitting my time competing in the event, and spinning on my bike, which promises to make for a very full day. I am sure that the community will gather behind this, as they have for many other causes. After that it’s another event – the Collingwood Cycling Club spring social. I’m also working with my local bike shop to figure out some promos (maybe a bike raffle) so stay tuned.
That’s what I’m up to. It’s important to remember #whyweride, and to keep up The Grind in terms of training, and keep positive about the fundraising. My big ask for the readers of this blog is to please help support this cause. Review my story, and keep the donations coming. every little bit helps to get all of the kids beyond childhood cancer. More to come soon!

Rich Meesters
2017 National Rider